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A few years back I got introduced to Git. The credit here goes to Rahul Bansal, back when I was still in college, and he had mentioned it somewhere. And it got me curious.

I asked one of I seniors, who was into it, he explained it to me somewhat like this:

“Bhai, coders ka social network hai, everyone does some code and shares it, most open-sources use it. Even Android does!”

That did not help me get a clear idea of what that means. Never the less, I found myself at the computer lab after this conversion and I made an account for myself. After that, all I  use to do for a pretty long time was FORKING. I still love doing it!

Fast forward to a couple of months back when one of my younger cousins saw my GitHub profile and asked me the same question. But this time I had a better answer. I simply asked her to google it. Yes, I accept I am lazy.

After that, I got a screenshot similar to this one on WhatsApp from her


With a message saying it isn’t making any sense to her.

Finally, I had to explain it to her in detail. What happened after that was an utter surprise to me; she asked me wouldn’t it be awesome if we could fork people’s lives and build our lives upon it! I was stunned at her imagination. But that though stayed somewhere in my mind.

A few days back when on the bus to Nashik for #WCNashik, I was reading an article which talked about using a similar concept in personal life. And there I got this!

Nature does it, software developers do it, so why wouldn’t you do it too?


Nature too does forking!

The whole point of the above story is that,  just like we come across some of the most amazing repositories in open-source; very often we also come across amazing people. Every person we meet has something that can inspire us, help us learn. And probably that is one of the reasons why most people with lots of like minded friends do good with whatever they do. Because they LEARN and unlearn from experiences others share.

I think the best and the simplest way to achieve your goals is to use the principle of “branching and forking”. Branches and forks are different pivots. the first one is a small pivot whereas the later is a big pivot.

Though the principle comes from software development, or version control to be more specific. We can use a similar strategy for improving ourselves, learning new skills, and standing on the shoulders of giants, the knowledge, the experience which otherwise would have taken us long to get.

So here it is. That’s how the phrase “Forking lives” came to my mind.

Long live open source. And may each one of us learn to embrace the open source culture.

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it.

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