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My Dad

People ask what’s my father like;

Dad is fine, dad is groovy. Dad is in the next room very possibly reading a book intensely, glasses askew whilst thinking about something rather silly along with it. Dad is funny. Dad is the selfless man who lived with almost nothing, yet lived magnificently, dad is smart. Oh yes, Dad is razor blade smarts. Dad is the non-fussy eater, dad is the teacher, dad is the pessimist who lives with caution, yet he braves every odds with optimism and casual charm, dad is the pillar. Dad is the strength, also love, yes dad is love.

Dad taught what love is and how it binds a family together, and how essential it is. dad is also madness, has to be, hiding a poet inside is bound to do that. Dad is the mathematician. very straight lines but also loopy at times. Dad taught meaning. Dad taught simplicity. Dad is the tea drinker. Dad is the storyteller ripe with many many written ones.

Haha dad, chai?

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